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Kick Booty Records

Kick Booty Records began in 2014 as a simple idea to stretch the boundaries of the traditional music business model. We started with the question, “what if success in the music industry could be cultivated without support from a major label or large financial investment?” Kick Booty’s marketing approach is always in effort and aspiration for evolution. We took this rather simple philosophy and applied it to our primary focus, the music of Denim Blue & Miclain Keith (DBMK). Through this we have branded an effective and high quality web presence on various social media platforms and DBMK’s own website, as well as bold and tenacious marketing for their debut album, The Abyss, via unique promotion techniques and Denim Blue & Miclain Keith’s highly energetic live performances. In just a short time, Kick Booty Records and DBMK have created a community of music and art lovers throughout the Southeast United States and we look forward to what the future holds.