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March 31, 2016

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It became clear instantaneously upon my discovery of DBMK that frontman Kyle Knudsen and guitarist Miclain Keith fit together like two peas in a pod - whether it be intellectually, musically, or in terms of talent as a whole.

But never has that statement been so true until now. With the Sleep EP, the Florida alternative glitch-pop duo's first official music release of 2016, comes a noticeable upward spiral and shift in direction. You don't hear that much vigorous drum work from Zack Raplee or finger-skinning funky bass licks from Michael Schmitt, but that's all because the ambient, mellowed-out 5-track collection was crafted specifically to help people get to sleep when they have trouble doing so -- hence the appropriate title. Such a statement does not match in any way, however, with the EP being boring all the way through. As a matter of fact, it's quite the polar opposite. Knudsen even steps away from his position at one point on the closing track Ground Breaker and allows Keith to shine as a lead vocalist, penning simplistic, yet intricate, lyrics such as "Moving Earth to see what's brewing / moving Earth to see what's human". Talk about something new! Throwing another log onto the fire of richness and creativity that burns within Sleep is its opening cut, Internet Love. "I don't know why I'm so scared of being nothing to you", Knudsen croons over a deep electro glitching track with an auto-tuned robot filter coating his voice. It is worth noting that he recorded and wrote all keyboard parts for the EP entirely by himself over the course of its creation. Any fan just joining the party with this collection must remember to compare its overall production and sound side-by-side with 2014's The Abyss, a record which was recorded entirely in the 17-year-old singer's bedroom at home with Miclain alongside him. There's such a mechanical and computerized feel to it that it even sounds as though former drummer Logan Coats has no presence on the record. Minimal is the word that can best be used to describe its sound. But the Sleep EP offers much more in the way of big, brooding, intimidating beats and instrumentals, as the band was able to splurge on some higher-grade recording equipment. Whatever the situation, I am stupendously pleased with what I've heard, and can confidently say that expectations are higher than ever for album #2.

RATING: 9.5/10

FAVORITE TRACKS: Internet Love, Ground Breaker

Posted 31st March by Alex Smith